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Demonstration Videos

Data Sheets and MSDS for our products

CML Supply Glass Cloth Tape
CML Supply Polyimide Tape
CML Supply Polyester Powder Coating Masking Tape
Kester RF741 MSDS
Kester RF741 Data Sheet
Polishing Kit Instructions

Category: Adhesive and liquid dispensing and filling.

Dispensing needle Size Chart
Dispensing needle shop by size chart
Viscosity of common materials Chart COMING SOON!

Category: Drilling Tools

Drill Bit Size Chart
Tap and Drill Size Chart
Pipe Tap and Drill Size Chart COMING SOON!
Pipe Fitting Size Comparison Chart COMING SOON!
CTE of common materials Chart COMING SOON!

Category: Electronics Repair Equipment

Temperature Conversion Chart for Soldering
Melting Temperatures for Common Solder Alloys

Category: Magnification & Inspection Tools

What exactly DOES Diopter mean. What POWER magnifier do I need?

Category: Precision Tweezers and Sets

Tweezers style chart

Other Favorites

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A favorite of ours... a free and easy to use unit conversion program for distance, temperature, volume, time, speed: Josh Madison's Convert for Windows

The floral industry is changing, DIY is the way to go for floral arrangements, weddings, and events... TCG Floral our local florist and online Floral and craft supply in Lexington, KY

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