Tweezers Style Chart

StyleTip PicDescriptionSelect
AA 18013 Tip For general assembly, very strong and precise tips with fine finish 18013
AC 18016 Tip Sturdy tips for bending and handling very fine wire and components. Finger grips  
MM 18023 Tip General Purpose Tweezer  
00 18032 Tip Flat edges, heavy duty strong blades tapering to a regular strong point 18032
00C 18034 Tip Flat edges, heavy duty strong blades tapering to a regular strong. Slightly shorter than OO.  
00D 18037Tip Flat edges, heavy duty strong blades tapering to a regular strong point. Finger grips 18037
0 18026Tip Fine Straight Points for handling and positioning of miniature parts or fine wire 18026
0A 18027 Tip Straight Points with radius edges. Designed for dense areas  
0C 18029 Tip Flat Edges, fine tips and short 18029
SS 18040Tip Extra long and narrow with extended reach to access confined areas. 18040
1 18043Tip General Use, Strong Blade with Fine Point 18043
2 18046-tip Tapered sharp point for bending and handling of small wire and parts 18046
2A 18049-tip Straight Flat Tips. Provides large flat gripping surfaces. 18049
2AB 18050-tip Curved Flat Tips. Best Flat tips. Tips provide large flat gripping surface.  
3 18053-tip Fine point tweezers for general assembly or light magnification applications. 18053
3C 18056-tip Fine point tweezers. Slightly shorter than #3. 18056
3CB 18078-tip Fine point with bent tips. 18078
3F 18079-tip Fine point. Tips touch over 3mm for holding tiny wires. 18079
35A 18201-tip Wafer handling tweezers  
36 18202-tip Angled broad tip with large paddle style tips  
4 18059-tip Blades taper sharply from body to a very fine rounded point. For extra fine work. 18059
5 18062-tip Blades taper sharply from body to a super fine point. For extra fine work. 18062
5A 18065-tip Oblique fine points for greater visability 18065
5B 18066-tip Super micro high precision bent tips provide maximum visability. 18066
6 18069-tip Angled Fine Tips for access to tight areas. 18069
65A 18076-tip Long fine curved tips 18076
66 18077-tip Long double bent tips 18077
7 18072-tip Curved super fine points for assembly work 18072
7B 18074-tip Serrated surved super fine points  
15AWG 18114-tip Cutting tweezers. Used for fine wire or hairsprings 18114