Kester 44 Solder Wire, 63/37 0.031”, RMA Rosin, 1oz Tube, Prime

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Kester 44 flux is an activated rosin formula for use in flux cored solder wire.

CML Supply purchases Kester 44 Flux-Cored Wire in bulk quantities from an authorized distributor and repackages this solder wire in smaller quantities for convenience.

  • Repackaged by CML Supply, which is not affiliated or endorsed by Kester or Illinois Tool Works
  • 1-ounce tube contains approx 24 feet of solder.
  • 67/37 Tin/Lead is preferred for electronics work
  • High activity RA formulation
  • Excellent solderability to a wide variety of metallizations
  • Standard Core 66 (3.3% flux)
  • Solder iron tip temperatures between 315-371°C (600-700°F)
  • Flux residue is non-corrosive and non-conductive
A few warnings and cautions:
  • For industrial use only
  • We can not offer advice on a specific application. For use by experienced electronics technicians
  • User assumes all risk for application.
  • Any warranties are limited to replacement or refund of product.
  • Always wear safety glasses when working with soldering equipment and materials
  • Always use adequate ventilation when working with soldering equipment and materials
  • Avoid breathing flux fumes emitted during soldering.
  • Flux fumes may cause pulmonary irritation or damage.
  • This product, during handling or use, may be hazardous to your health or the environment. Read the Kester Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and warning label before using this product.
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